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Entrenched in the year 1991, Shree Uday Oil & Foods Industries’ is a prominent business organization engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading different types Oils such as Edible Oil, Cooking OilPeanut OilSunflower OilRefined Sunflower OilSoybean OilRefined Soybean OilSesame OilMustard OilCastor OilEdible Mustard OilWhite Sesame Oil and so on. Shree Uday Oil & Foods Industries is always stanch to quality and veracity towards the product and customers who make us gladness. We aspire to expand our firm as a leading player in manufacturing Castor Oil derivative in the domestic market by offering best quality products at competitive prices. For accomplishing the same we are adopting ethical, moral, innovative and eco-friendly practices that would lead us to professional heights coupled with personal uplift of our employees.


Q What is the lifespan of cooking oil?

Oils like canola oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, olive oil and blended vegetable oil lasts for about two years unopened. Their shelf life reduces to about a year once the bottle is opened. if the oil is stored properly.

Q What do you do with expired cooking oil?

Use it as a lubricant and rust preventative on everything from squeaky hinges to tools. Use it as lamp oil. Cooking oil puts out about the same amount of light as a candle. Use it for conditioning and polishing furniture.

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