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Industrial Air Compressors


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we “Saimona Compressor Ltd are acknowledged as a prominent industrial air compressor manufacturer in Ahmedabad.  These products offered by us are manufactured using excellent quality raw materials that are procured from most trusted and reliable vendors of the market.  Industrial air compressors have become important partner in building and construction industries. It mechanical devices used directly to compressor air for industrial purposes.  These industrial air compressors are highly appreciated by client due for their reliability, durability, corrosion and abrasion, dimensional accuracy, finefinishing, robust construction and easy installation. All products and compressor widely applicable in various industries such as textile, automobile, marine, electrical pump much more.  Moreover, to cater to the variegated requirement of client we offer our range in various size and dimension. We offer this industrial air compressor at a very nominal rate.

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Q Can PVC be used for air compressor line?

PVC Pipe. The use of PVC pipe is common but not recommended for use with compressed air. ... The presence of air compressor oils in the line and heat from the compressed air accelerates the degradation of PVC. These failures, combined with air under pressure, are potentially fatal due to the airborne, razor-sharp shrapnel.

Q How far can you run an air compressor line?

Typically, air hoses will be either 50- or 100-feet long, with a few exceptions. Most people will go for the 100-foot option because it allows them to maximize their distance from the air compressor.

Q How big of a compressor do I need?

The best formula for calculating the right sized home air compressor is to add up the CFM requirement for all the tools you intend to use as well as identify the peak PSI each one needs. This gives you the upper limit of what tank size in gallons, capacity in CFM and pressure in PSI you require.

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