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Private detective services


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We provide definite service to our customers. We are expert in our work and believe in quality work. We have a team of professionals who works round the clock for the customers. TNDS has a team of capable and professional detective agents who are experienced and vigorous in the field of investigation which gives the exact result with solid evidence. The national detective services is the best private detective agency in Ahmedabad. We always think about the outcome of our customer’s cases and work to give the best to our customer’s expectations.

We are well reputed private detective and investigation agency providing customized, flexible, personalized, comprehensive detective service since 2010. We have different branches in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Udaipur, Mumbai and Delhi.

For More details Visit – https://detectiveagencyahmedabad.com/


Q How do detective agencies work in India?

In India, the Private Investigation agencies are Legal but there is no law to regulate the conduct of such agencies. Government hardly have any control over these agencies. They are free to operate in India without any restrictions because of absence any law to regulate them

Q Is private detective legal?

Are private investigators legal? Yes private investigation services are legal, however, the industry isn't regulated and some firms use non-ethical practices which could get them and you as a client in trouble.

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