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solar manufacturer


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We have started our business with a single goal was to help accelerate the growth and adoption of solar power systems across the world not only for their obvious environmental benefits but also for the economic benefits available to our residential and commercial customers. Our world-class leadership team has unparalleled solar business and energy industry experience. Together with our talented, forward-thinking employees, they’re driving innovation in the business of solar. Further, to meet all the solar needs under one roof, Grace also propounds a range of Solar Power inverters, Solar module mounting structure, wires & cables, sharing identical quality and consistency. We aim to make solar power for homes, businesses, and schools a viable, affordable option for hundreds of thousands of people across India.


Q How Do Solar Panels Work?

The Solar Panels on installation are directly absorbed the photons when the sunlight is falling on this solar panel. This energy is absorbed by these Photovoltaic Cells which are further used for the generation of electricity.

Q What Are the Types of Solar Panels?

The different types of the solar panels are
Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Thin-film Panels
These are the main type of the solar panel that are available and are demanded in the market. The each type of the solar panel has some speciality due to which they are demanded and are used.

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